Sleek Kitchen Appliance

Sleek has a range of cooking appliances to suit every need. Right from stylish chimneys that ensure less smoke and odour, cooktops and hobs for a better cooking experience, ovens for your baking and roasting needs, dishwashers, wine coolers and refrigerators, we have a perfectly designed product for everyone.

The modern kitchen is designed to elevate the art of cooking to its highest levels. Along with being a beautiful and well-proportioned space, the kitchen is also tasked with being functional and tech-savvy. An important range of components that are needed to improve your cooking experience is kitchen appliances. From built-in hobs and chimneys to full-service cooking ranges, there is a long desirable kitchen appliances list to look at. 

But before you sign up for any modular kitchen appliances in India, it is important to understand which type of modular kitchen appliances suit your needs the best, so you can get one step closer to your dream kitchen. The best kitchen appliances fit seamlessly into your ergonomic kitchen, are highly functional, and are created with energy-saving in mind. Sleek kitchen appliances have you covered on all of these counts. 

Sleek kitchen appliances use avant-garde technology to create intelligent designs that are formulated exclusively to match the needs of Indian kitchens. Equip your home with small kitchen appliances to keep your household running efficiently and swiftly. Whether you are looking for just a few modular small kitchen appliances or a fully-functional ergonomically designed space that welcomes the future in style, Sleek features the best-in-class options and at modular kitchen appliances price that can only be qualified as a steal. 


Innovative, intelligent and incredible, Sleek chimneys are exclusively made to match Indian Kitchens.


Sleek dishwashers are convenient, flawless and smart, and deal with dirty dishes in a jiffy.


The most stylish, space-saving innovation in your kitchen keeps your food fresh for a long time.

Hobs and Cooktops

Our cooktops and hobs enhance your cooking experience to an all-new level.


Our microwaves provide optimum functionality and make cooking an easy, efficient process.


Our ovens are perfectly designed to match your baking and roasting requirements.

Wine Cooler

Add a touch of pizzazz to your social gatherings with an attractive wine cooler.

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